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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 18, 2011 12:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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where casey told them she had worked. i mean went to the apartment where the nanny casey anthony said she left caylee with lived. it was all lied, every word of it. i interviewed caylee's distraught grandparents. covering the story of a missing child is not something you forget. so i don't care where casey anthony goes or where she decides to live. what i do care about is that a little girl too young to defend herself lost her life. if her mother wants to go sell her story for a million dollars as is reportedly offered, maybe she'll have enough sense to give that money to the center for missing and exploited children so other parent who is want to find their missing children can get help doing so. cnn newsroom continues now with brooke baldwin. >> and hello to you, happy monday, i'm brooke baldwin, as you just saw, i want to begin with this story, out of the uk, the british press association
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says the reporter who blew the whistle on the uk hacking scandal has been sound dead. his name is john ford, he was found today in his london home. police are calling his death unexplained. this is important because we're going to have much more on this story, got a lot of questions for our correspondent in london, we'll bring that to you coming up. but i want to begin this hour with a warning. i want you to listen to a warning. this is a warning that i'm about to show you a video of 16 men being shot to death. i'm going give you a moment here right now to go ahead and get the kids out of the room, but this is a video released by taliban insurgents in pakistan and it shows more than a dozen men believed to be pakistani policemen lined up.
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there they are, against the backdrop of the hillside with their hands tied behind their backs facing several men with rifles on the right side of your screen. this man shouting is accusing them of killing children in a crime against islam. and there they are, the men opening fire. now we froze the video right there because if you continue to watch, it gets even more graphic, even more brutal from that point on. c nrks nr cnn's reza sayah is taking up from here. >> reporter: we warn you, this is explicit video, some of you may find this very disturbing, if you want to turn away, this is a good time to do so. we want to walk you through the
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video, it shows at least 14 men lined up, all of them wearing traditional pakistani garb, all of them appear to have their hands tied behind their back. we assume these are taliban fighters, one of them is scolding the man who are lined up, saying that these executions are about to take place in revenge for six children allegedly executed by pakistani security forces in the swat lally. valley. once the scolding is done, that's when you see and hear the gun fire, let's watch and listen. you see these men who are lined up, toppled to the ground, some of them are writhing and moaning in pain, we're not going to show
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you what happens next, that's when one or two of these gunmen walk to where these men were shot and shoot them again in an apparent during a cross border attack on june 1, on that day, militants crossed over from afghanistan and attack advil lage on pakistani soil, they believe the gunmen were members of the pakistani taliban from the swat valley, a pakistani-talib pakistani-talibani stronghold. we haven't been able to identify the identity of the gunmen or the victims, the military says inns clearly an attempt by the taliban to intimidate local villagers and security forces. the military insists this is a tactic that will not work. >> we're going to have a little bit more on that story coming up
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in our next hour. it's gotten pretty quiet in washington lately, when it comes to the tense notion negotiatioy to prove it. hereby here the president is just a short time ago. >> reporter: mr. president, any progress in your talks with speaker boehner yesterday? >> we're making progress. >> so if so, it's very quiet progress, no more shots of the two sides sitting around that table. but today they are saying, yes, president obama did meet yesterday with house speaker john boehner and house majority leader eric cantor, so the top three players did in fact meet sunday and the white house is saying there's a lot being talked about as we speak behind the scenes. >> there have been as i have said conversations on going since thursday, president, vice president, senior members of the president's team, with leaders
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of congress in both parties, those conversations continued yesterday and today, and will continue until this deal is done. the fact is that there's too many conversations and meetings taking place to catalog each and everywhere. >> why would this meeting not be on the schedule? >> there are meetings and conversations that the president and vice president and other senior members of their team have all the time that aren't on the schedule. this is an ongoing fluid process that involves the meetings the president had last week with the eight leaders of congress, both houses, as well as ongoing levels of conversations with different participants. >> will they get something done beyond the glare of the spotlight? here's something else to watch for, house republicans set for tomorrow on a two-year debt cutting plan, it's called cut, cap and balance. today the white house is calling
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it duck, dodge and dismantle. also we're going to talk about the threat to america's credit rating. you hear a lot about that nice aaa rating, you're going to want to stick around for that. now for this. we consider ourselves a sleepy little town like pleasantville so we're all shocked. >> a freak accident occurs in this neighborhood--what really happened inside? and what does the multimillionaire owner know? that is coming up. the whittle blower on the news corp hacking scandal has been found dead, this just hours before rupert murdock is set to testify about the scandal threatening his media empire, we're live in london, coming up. can i have some ice cream, please ?
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let me back up and explain, 6-year-old mack died at a san diego hospital just over this mast weekend. now police say he fell down the stairs at his dad's mansion in coronado wednesday. the police chief at the time said he was not breathing when paramedics arrived on the scene. there's a whole other layer to the story now. the body of jonah's girlfriend, rebecca was found hanging by a rope from a second story balcony
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at the mansion. the sheriff's department says she was naked and her ankles and wrists were bound. with what? no one's saying yet. what authorities say her death may have been a suicide. her was found by jonah's brother, he also lives on the property. the sheriff's department say they haven't found any connection between the two deaths but they are investigating. jonah, the founder and ceo of a pharmaceutical company who makes among other items restalin. he issued a statement saying this, about his son, his loving kind and vibrant spirit will be present in those whom he touched every day. steve, i know you and your colleagues have been digging on this when it's just bizarre, that's the best word for it, and it's sad as well. but i want to begin where these
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two deaths, i want to begin with the son max. is the sheriff's department conclusively saying his death was an accident? >> they are not at this point. and as of today, i am told that the local sheriff's department also the coronado police will be doing a full investigation on max's death and also an autopsy. >> okay, so that's max's death, what about rebecca, she was found dangling by her neck on the balcony? what more are authorities saying other than this is just bizarre? >> yeah, that's what they're saying but they were saying early on that this could be a homicide or a suicide. they don't see this as an accident, they see it clearly as one or the other and they're treating both equally and they say they're looking at either possibility. >> how exactly was she found? what time of day was it? wrfsz her boyfriend? >> reporter: she was found reportedly around 6:30 in the morning on wednesday by jonah
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schanaie's brother, adam at the mansion and since then, authorities have been interviewing the schacknai's at length about what may have happened. the sheriff's department says they have been very cooperative so far. >> i was reading your piece about jonah schacknae a man who we know has made millions of dollars in various products, but he would call thousands of clients each and every year to wish them happy birthday? >> he's kind of an unusual figure in that industry, in that he likes to maintain a very personal touch with his customers. the dermatologist and others who helped sell the product that he pitches across the country and will make something like 1,500 calls a year to dermatologists on a birthday, just saying, say, are you happy with the product? happy birthday, that kind of thing. >> i imagine he's not talking at
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all, but what about folks in the neighborhood? did they report seeing anything? hearing anything? it's just odd. >> reporter: no, and it's not a real tight knit neighborhood at all, it's an extremely wealthy neighborhood, it's facing the ocean, facing the pacific out here, and a series of very gorgeous mansions and man fors d all kinds of houses. folks aren't known for being tight knit, they stay behind their walls and keep to themselves. >> and so far no arrests? >> so far no arrests. the sheriff's department or the local coroner or the police department have any suspects, they're not saying so, again, like i said, they said the folks involved, the witnesses, the family members have been very cooperative, the investigators continue to look at it, but so far no word of any suspect. >> steve schmidt, let us know if
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you have any more on this situation, we want to follow it. this network here watching something pretty revolutionary today, cnn along with our sister network hln are the first news programs in america to stream programs 24 hours a day. basically you can catch me or any of your other favorite folks here on cnn or hln even if you weren't actually sitting in front of a television. and allison joins us to explain. i know i have officially updated my iphone so that i can watch cnn, this is just really cool. >> you get to get your news when you want it, where you want it, on your tlap top while you're lying bed, on the bus, on your bicycle. the cnnapp for the ipad and the cn nrks nrknn app for the i kno
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iphone touch. if you subscribe to dish network or sudden link, you can watch "american morning," pierce morgan, and allison kosik. >> i know there's a little bit of a delay, let me be totally transparent, i'm on the 3-g right now. but if you're on wireless, there's barely any delay. >> yes. >> so people can actually get in front of their tvs, you can actually watch cnn, no excuses. >> yes, everything that you see on tv you're going to see on that mobile device or online. so, yeah, i mean, what you do is you go to, you click on the live tab, you login through your cable or satellite telco provider with your user name and password and you get to have cnn 24/7 anywhere you go. >> i'm loving this, this is just
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so-so cool. this is the first and we're telling everyone about this because we're cnn, but it really, truly is revolutionary for cnn. >> it's going to be coming to other devices. >> ike andro >> like android? >> we'll have been tweeting me and asking me who other devices, we can only assume, but other devices are going to be in the mix very soon. >> allison kosik, thank you very much for that. and by the way, it's bigger, it's brighter and now even easier to find cnn's compelling video, you can check out's ground breaking video experience, go to now to this, it's a horrifying scene at a concert in canada, have you heard about this? more important have you seen the video? cheap trick, they're on stage, 20 minute into their set when a big storm blows through and the
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the take away seems to be less than a dozen people had mostly minor injuries. so, david frye is cheap trick's manager, he's still standing behind there in ottawa.
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david, i know you were onstage, were you behind the tropicaler taking pictures, you described this as complete pandemonium, talk to me about it, what were you thinking? >> basically we were told a storm was coming in and they kind of prepped the stage for that, got a lot of people off and that was on stage ready to get the banged off with two other technical people. i stood behind the tropical dru took a few pictures, and it was completely still and it didn't look like anything was going happen at all. then the back banner behind us suddenly blew out towards the audience, and then bam, a gust came in that said there was 96 kilometers, or 110 kilometers, different reports on how fast it was. not sure how much that is in miles. but it was a lot of wind, it was sudden, it was immediate, it was surprising. >> what was the stage, david, made out of? are with talking about metal, metal is twisting as it's going
12:22 pm
down? >> reporter: it's a totally independent stage. other bands play there, jurisdiction and others and when this wind hit it, it was just so immediate and so strong and so -- it just, for whatever reason, it pushed the roof back, the roof of the stage, about 40 feet high. >> yeah. >> pushed it back a little bit. right before that happens, thank god robin zander, our lead singer, he said get off the stage now, everybody get out, everybody get out. he gave the warning, and people in the crowd didn't see it really. it was a complete surprise. robin sounded the alarm, thank god, and we raised for the sides. but the roof was coming down on top of us. >> so what happened, the band's on stage, he issue this is warning. does the roof at all collapse on the band? or are they able to get out of the way in time? >> reporter: well, it pretty much fell right on top of us but
12:23 pm
there are generator trucks and our truck and our driver sandy of our truck was injured. but our truck was right next to the stage. so the roof came down -- i can only tell you what i recall being there, but it came down with this tremendous crash very quickly. it fell and then it started to sink, and when it fell, it hit the generators and some of the structures on the stage, the stage cracked in half, it was kind of like the titanic. we are scrambling for a way off the stage. thank god those generator trucks and everything were there and broke the fall of the roof. >> this is a huge festival, too, david. >> reporter: it broke the fall of the roof and then it was this slow accordion deal with all the, you know, titanic crunching, the metal crunching as it slowly sunk, but it gave us all time to gets off that stage. >> thank goodness.
12:24 pm
>> reporter: and we're all so fortunate. you know, no one was hurt, it's just unbelievable to me because -- well, there were -- >> i think they're saying there were some minor injuries, i don't want to go through this and say no one was hurt at all. but as you were talking -- >> it's a miracle. . >> reporter: the guy at the hospital told me it was 5,000. >> final question, so you're behind in ottawa, how is the band? where are they now? >> the band are on the way to the next show. we're going to figure out the instruments and if anyone know. >> somebody may be listening. maybe we'll call you up. unreal, just looking at that video, david frye, thank you so much and i'm so glad you and so many other people are safe, given what happened there,
12:25 pm
david, thanks for calling in, safe travels. >> the murdock hacking scandal that began with one british tabloid has morphed into something of a monster now. now the man behind it all is about to do some explaining in a very, very public way. plus we're following the breaking news out of london this hour t reporter blue the whistle on the news of the world hacking has been found dead this morning, all of this straight ahead. we'll be right back. is a whole nother story. unsurpassed torque... best in class towing... legendary cummins engines. which engine do you want powering your truck? guts. glory. ram.
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new developments in the british media scandal now, one-time reporter for the news of the world is dead. he was the journalist who first accused that major tabloid of hacking phones, dealing personal information, more on that in just a minute. but if the past few days were ones that rupert murdock would like to do over, well this week isn't shaping up any better for the media mogul. murdock has already lost the news of the world in the united kingdom. the news plan to take over bskyb, that evaporated, that's done, his uk print media boss
12:29 pm
quit, then the head of the dow jones resigned, both of them a long-time part of the inner circle. then the apologies, murdock met the family of a murdered teenager said he's sorry his journalist hacked her phone, he apologized in print, promising to make big changes in his media companies. and then yesterday, rebecca brooks, the former news of the world editor, she was arrested and just in the past couple of hours, two of britain's top law enforcement officers quit named in connection with the scandal. so who had some explaining to do? rupert murdock for one. he's agreed to answer questions tomorrow in the house of commons. also in the hot seat rebecca brooks, and his john sams. matthew chance is going to help us sort all this out from london. i want to help with the breaking story this afternoon, that john
12:30 pm
hor has been found dead, his death, according to authorities unexplained. what more can you explain about this? wh when it came to exclusives and others, he was the individual who first accused andy colson. shaen who are -- se-sean hoare
12:31 pm
mobile phone signals and according to him, they did this in exchange for cash payments so he was filled with all sorts of revelations and accusations of what the news of the world was up to. >> so he's the latest layer to this story you've been covering. rupert murdock tomorrow is in the hot seat. he's been summoned to answer questions and just translate that for me. does that mean he will be sworn in to testify or is he simply asks questions and what kind of questions can they anticipate? >> i don't know whether he's going to be actually made to swear an oath before the select committee of members of the british parliament, but obviously, this is, you know, the british government and british mps, british lawmakers wanting to hold to account, the scrutinize, cross-examination the head of news corps about the
12:32 pm
activities of his executives, what he knew about his company's activities, what his executives knew. this is a huge scandal that's really rocked the british establishment, in the past 24 hours, we have had the two senior most officials in the metropolitan police, the biggest police force in britain, resign because of how they were involved in this hacking scan z scandal. >> then you have rebecca brooks, former news of the world editor, she was arrested yesterday, but this is different from due process here in the united states where she isn't formally charged, she's simply arrested. so what does the arrest mean for her? >> in terms of what it means for her testifying in the house of commons tomorrow, it means quite a great deal, for instance, she has had to take legal advice we understand from her attorney to make sure that she doesn't
12:33 pm
implicate herself in any wrong doing with the answers that she might have to give to the mps, likewise, the mps will be grilling rebecca brooks along with rupert murdock, he has to take legal advice as well. tuesday what type of questions they have to ask the former news international executives, so as not to japanese the all important police investigation, now that she's been arrested formally, of course, there is this formal police investigation into her activities, what she knew, how engaged she was in the alleged payment for information from police officers in britain. so the mps obviously don't want to jeopardize that. >> so final question here, in terms of, you know, a police investigation as in investigating the police department, am i reading this correctly that the entire london police department will now be investigated? >> well, there's been a number of referrals to what's known here in britain as the independent police complaints committee, obviously an
12:34 pm
independent body that looks into the conduct of the police, what they're going to be doing, separately from the police investigation into the criminal activities of individuals at news international and elsewhere. the police themselves are going to be examined there and the conduct of stevenson, the former commissioner of the metropolitan police. john yates, they will be examined by the ippc. and the conduct of, we're told, two other former senior officials within the metropolitan police and so we have got a situation now where police themselves are being examined for what role they played in this very fast developing scandal here in britain. >> it continues to develop. matthew chance, thank you. matthew mentioned that rupert murdock will be testifying in the house of commons, cnn will be covering that testimony. it starts rite around 9: 30
12:35 pm
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all right, a couple of top stories for you now, first legendary pitcher nowlan ryan is in the hospital. the major league hall of famer was admitted into the hospital after falling ill at his home. ryan is 64, he has a recurring heart condition. he spent 27 years in the big leagues and holds the major league record for career strikeouts. and casey anthony is out of jail, but oh, where is she? her lawyers are not talking. she got out just after midnight on sunday, she got out'da)÷ on
12:39 pm
charges that she killed her 2-year-old daughter caylee. she was found guilty of lying to police. but members of a church didn't agree with the verdict so they staged a mock retrial. here's what some of the mock jurors had to do. >> i feel like if she didn't murder her child by her own hand, she played a part in that and so she's guilty by association. so that's why i voted guilty. >> we really don't know. >> something i was wondering about, sit possible for her or anyone in this day and age to just, poof, up and disappear, start a new life j? stay tuned for that conversation. nelson mandela, 93 years old today. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday to you >> it's all over south africa
12:40 pm
sang happy birthday for him, the tomorrow south african president spent his big day with family and friends and as a birthday wish, his website lists 67 things people can do to change the world. and here's a headline, hot, hot, hot, and more hot. that bubble of hot air is expanding eastward toward the concentration of big, big cities, chad myers, i know it's hot when you bring me water bottles. >> i brought you two water bottles. one that's warm and one that's cold. how are r they different? one has steam on the outside. it's the due, it's the dew point. you have heard all this. see that's got steam on there. while the other one's clear. the other one is 72 degrees. so it's not condensing the water in the atmosphere. air in here not very wet. >> interesting analogy. >> but if i take this water bottle and, wait on it, wait on it, i breathe on it, it does get
12:41 pm
a little condensation on there. if you take a lukewarm bottle of water and it steams like this, it's muggy out there. and that's what the dew point is. we have heard about relative humidity, every weatherman on tv talks about relative humidity. it means nothing. listen to dew point, when it's warm it gets muggy. when we walked outside, it felt like 120 degrees. >> i was wondering if you were going to make me drink the room temperature versus chilled. >> people do like that you can drink it faster if it's room temperature. but the entire area from des moines back to minneapolis. the dew points are above 70 degrees. when you watch something on tv and you see that number, it is muggy. when you go 8 0 degrees that's ridiculous. dew point 80 degrees all across the midwest.
12:42 pm
it meals like 111 degrees in minneapolis. and it didn't cool down at all last night. when it didn't cool down that means that houses didn't cool down, attics didn't cool down, so that means it will be hotter the next day. through chicago as well, august though just getting into 100 on wednesday into tuesday. we had brett, the b storm, brett, is over here by the bahamass, heading up here into the ocean. maybe toward bermuda, but not as a hurricane. just enjoy that water, brooke, and make sure you stay hydrated. >> i'm trying, chad, thank you so much. i wanted to get right to this. it's breaking news out of libya, and it involves moammar gadhafi's regime. we're going to take you live to tripoli next.
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
12:45 pm
breaking news out of libya it appears the u.s. and moammar gadha gadhafi' regime are talking, not just talking, but face to face. who's talking to whom and what are they talking about? >> reporter: well, brooke, we have just con concefirmed that t last saturday, u.s. envoys met face to face with members of the gadhafi government in neighboring tunisia, face to face talks. he wouldn't get me the names of the people who sat down to have this discussion, but he went on to say this is a first step,
12:46 pm
quote, and we welcome any further steps, we're prepared to talk more and explain what is happening in libya and take the matter forward. we don't want to be stuck in the past. now we have been following this story at cnn for a couple of days now, a number of high level officials whom we cannot identified, have identified one american diplomat as the american ambassador to libya, jean krech. why is this important? he was kicked out of libya by gadhafi officials because of the reports that had deteriorated sharply and then the u.s. embassy shuttered its doors in february after an elaborate evacuation of u.s. diplomats as the situation was getting more and more violent, a violent
12:47 pm
crackdown by the gadhafi regime and it's security forces and now this country is in full blown civil war with nato warplanes bombing around just this morning at tripoli international airport. we have gotten some rumors and reports of some face to face negotiations between the french and the gadhafi regime and now indications that the u.s. has been meeting face to face with gadhafi as well. when i approached ev eed ibrahi this, he was very surprised, he said, please, let's not mess this up, it does seem that this is in a very, very delicate stage right now, these negotiations. >> and as he told you, this is a first step, we'll be waiting for the second step, ivan walt son, thank you so much. nice job on the interview. thank you. >> coming up next, we have your musicmonday set.
12:48 pm
12:49 pm
12:50 pm
it's morning jacket introd classic rock that's tearing up the stages across the country. we learned about how they got their name and why they like to disappear. watch. >> hi. we're my morning jacket and we have absolutely nothing to say. >> where did your name come? >> it's boots bar, fall of '83. it didn't burn down. the inside of it. the outside was still there. we went one night and they were
12:51 pm
carrying everything out. ♪ >> down in the bottom of the bar was, like, a stripper's area, i guess. it used to be a strip club. and there was a pole and the stage was there. and the whole bar was burnt and everything was decimated. the stage light was still on. in the dressing room next to this stripper's stage was a closet and in the closet was a jacket with the initials mmj stencilled on the jacket. we wanteded to record it live and all in the same room. we really wanted to focus on us being a band in a circle and just playing and trying to disappear into that. trying not to overthink anything too much and just let -- just kind of let the songs grow
12:52 pm
naturally from seeds that we kind of just all started working with. ♪ >> out of the blue, we'll get a magical cd in the mail and it will have something scribbled on it like the word please or something like on it. so i know it's from jim. ehe'll just send us a bunch of ideas. once we all get together, we have a general idea of what we're going to do. but it's always interesting. you never know -- there's definitely been a few songs that now in my mind are classic us songs that the first time i heard them i was like what is that? is that jim? what is that? we always try to respect the fact that we're not in control fully.
12:53 pm
the spirits are in control, land is in control, the ghosts are in control. they decide if it rains or it shines. they decide if it's a good show or if your equipment is going to break. at the end of the day, we can only come into it with the best of intentions and hope that the spirits know that we respect them, you know? and that we want it all to work out. >> if you want to check these guys out, listen to this. august 19, my morning jacket will be playing a fundraiser at the tuscaloosa am phitheatre. tuscaloosa, still recovering after being hit by a twister less than two months from now. you can always see my music monday picks. just go to
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we have great video of their sound checks. go to coming up at the top of the hour, could america's gold-plated credit rating take a beating even if there is a debt ceiling deal? and if it does get downgraded, what happens then? i want to talk to a man who can answer all of those questions for me. a chief economist for moody's. here why he says washington must raise the debt ceiling. back after this. le information . for broccoli, say one. for toys, say two. toys ! the system can't process your response at this time. what ? please call back between 8 and 5 central standard time. he's in control. goodbye. even kids know it's wrong to give someone the run around. at ally bank you never have to deal with an endless automated system. you can talk to a real person 24/7. it's just the right thing to do. when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp...
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12:57 pm
we're joined by wolf blitzer now. what do you have? >> a new pole just out in south carolina, take a look at this. mitt romney ahead among republicans, american research group survey showed romney with 25% .palin, who's not even officially running, 16%. maybe she will run. maybe not. michele bachmann, 13%. herman cain, so%. -- 10%. south carolina is the third road on the contest. iowa, new hampshire then south carolina. romney doing well. herman cain doing well in these polls in iowa and south carolina, doing pretty well. he says he's more qualified to be president than michele bachmann. they're both competing for a lot of the same voters. tea party activists among
12:58 pm
others. he says he's more experienced. the choice is real simple. my entire career has been problem solving, not politics. clearly taking a swipe at michele bachmann saying he's more qualified. he says i have direct hands-on experience, stronger credentials than many of the other candidates. finally, another republican now entering the -- formally entering the race for the republican presidential nomination, the former louisiana governor, buddy roamer tomorrow will announ . the exploration process is done. buddy roemer is now a candidate. it could be a crowded debate in september, maybe even more. maybe rick perry. maybe one or two other
12:59 pm
surprises. so we'll see, we'll watch and wait. >> wolf blitzer, i appreciate it. thank you so much. we'll be watching for those names to comfore forth. and we'll get another political update for you. now just about the top of the hour, watch this. 15 days till the u.s. may not be cover all of its bills and washington still doesn't have a debt deal. coming up, i'll speak to some of the agencies threaten to downgrade america's credit rating, which affects all our wallets. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. >> we think of ourselves as a sleepy little town. a woman found naked, lifeless, hanging from the balcony of a ceo's mansion. now his 6-year-old son is dead. we're getting answers as this bizarre mystery unfolds. heads are rollin ining and the seat is waiting. hours from now, rupert murdoch
1:00 pm
and his inner circle are set to face tough questions about the media empire's hacking scandal. >> order! >> find out what to expect. plus, casey anthony vanishes after walking free. >> caylee! caylee! >> but is it truly possible for anyone to just disappear? sunny hostin is on the case. and the president picked her to create an agency designeded to protect consumers. but when it opens for business, elizabeth warren won't be in charge. in fact, she won't even be involved. joe johns has the "political pop." and welcome back. hour two, house republicans set to vote tomorrow on a plan to balance the federal budget. look, a lot of folks are saying it's political theatre, wasting valuable time as the clock continues to tick, tick, tick, toward a potential government default. we think hey, let's take a look at what's being proposed here. to help me do that, mark zandy,
1:01 pm
h he's a chief economist for moody's. we hear a lot of times about the stellar aaa rating. we are awaiting, as i mentioned the fine print on this republican legislation. but we keep hearing something about a cap. and i know it's a cap on federal spending. and take a look at this. somewhere in the range of 18% of gdp, gross domestic product. please tell me what that means. and specifically, because this is when all the ears will start perking, what that would mean for job creation, which the republicans say is their top priority. >> well, 18% of gdp. so government spending would have to equal 18% of the value of all the things that we produce. it's not a magical number. that has been the average spending to gdp ratio since the early 1970s. so the logic is that -- or the thinking is that if that's been the average since the 1970s,
1:02 pm
then that's good enough for us going forward. but, you know, of course, the demographics of our population change. there is an aging of the population. medical care costs are rising very quickly. if we stick to that 18%, that would in all likelihood would mean some pretty significant cutting, and the cutting would be even more cig tant tha-- significant than in paul ryan's controversial budget. >> but if you take all that money and suck that money out, what does that do for jobs? >> well, you know, i think if you would phase something like that in over a long period of time, the economy could probably -- i don't think it could kwai jest 18% of gdp, but the economy can digest spending cuts if we do it in a measured way over a period of ten years. and that's what the thinking has been in washington. and i think that's appropriate. we can do that.
1:03 pm
i'm not arguing that we should pile on the spending cuts in the very near term because the recovery is still obviously very fragile, but we can digest government spending cuts over a longer period of tile. >> now, as we hear about this cut, cap and balance. the balance comes from, they want this balanced budget amendment. so in other words, they're asking to amend the constitution. it's a lengthy, lengthy process, to state that the federal government has a balance, and it's balancing both its books, keeping them all set. what does wall street think of that idea? 15 days ahead of this august 2 deadline? >> well, i mean, i understand sort of the logic behind trying to go down that path but, you know, i think the general thinking or view is that, you know, this doesn't have much of a chance. and therefore, let's get on with the main event. and that is, let's raise the debt ceiling. i think congress and the administration needs to come through next week and do that.
1:04 pm
this balanced budget amendment is a side bar and really isn't going to make much difference in terms of the current problem that we have. >> when we talk about this problem, we talk about the debt ceiling, i heard a great quote from someone from middle america, i can't think of trillions, i'm having trouble thinking of thousands and hundreds in my own household. then they're talking about a debt ceiling. why do we have a debt ceiling? how long have we had a debt ceiling and is a debt ceiling more trouble than it's worth? >> all really good questions. we've had a debt ceiling since 1917. it was implemented back in 1917 as part of the debate, discussion about paying for world war i. the debt ceiling has been -- yeah, it's almost 100 years old. and i think we've raised the debt ceiling since 1960, we've raise the it 65, 70 times. generally without incident. i really don't think it's very
1:05 pm
helpful in terms of really what matters here, and that's getting our fiscal house in order. obviously it does create difficulty. we can see that in the current context. having said that, maybe something good comes out of this really scary process we're in. it would be nice if policymakers could raise the debt ceiling this week, hopefully by next week, and out of that, we get some true deficit reduction. that would be nice. but in general, i think the debt kre ceiling is a bad idea and it would be great if we could get rid of it. >> that's interesting. now as we talk about debt ceiling we have you on, because i want to talk about this beautiful, you know, stellar aaa rating, right? i know moody's is taking a look at that. standard & poor's is looking to possibly downgrade. what does the credit rating really mean? who looks at that credit rating. why does it matter? >> well, global investors look at it carefully. of course, we rely very heavily
1:06 pm
on investors in buying our debt. in fact, half of the debt that we've issued is owned by investors overseas. so it really matters to them. but more fundamentally, the aaa is just representative of the fact that because of that, people trust us, that we are going to make good on our debts. that means we can borrow on a very, very low interest rate. in if the current environment when people are scared on the planet, they come and buy our debt. that's why you can get a fixed mortgage rate at 4.5%. that's about as low as it's ever been. we want to work really hard to protect that. that means we' got to make good on our debt. we just cannot go down the path, even suggesting the possibility that we're not going to make good on it.
1:07 pm
>> there are all sorts of it rations of a possible way to, you know, to not have this big issue, you know, calamity come august 2. but what if more oof a short-term deal is reached and it's not this grand bargain that perhaps maybe the president is looking for. even if it's short term, would that still possibly mean that our rating goes down? >> it's possible, but i think it's less likely to happen. if this is pushed to the other side of the election and there is some deficit reduction as part of the deal and even better if they come to an agreement on some kind of mechanism to try to think about how we're actually going to do this over the course of -- come together over the course of the next year or two, with these three things, i think we're going to satisfy global investors and we'll be just fine. of course, we haven't solved all our problems. we'll have to come back after the election. >> we'll do that later.
1:08 pm
yeah. 20 seconds orless, how optimistic are you that this calamity will be avoided come august 2. >> i'm optimistic. i'm very optimistic. churchill has this very great adage about americans saying -- when it comes to -- at the end of the day, they do the right thing. i botched that, but that's the principle. >> pair phase, we get it. hopefully both sides will be doing the right thing come august 2. appreciate it very much. and now if it's interesting and happening right now, you're about to see it. "rapid fire." beginning in india, some of this video is pretty disturbing to watch. watch this with me. you can see here we go, the family, climbing over some rocks when this sudden rush of water -- keep your eye on the picture here, a sudden rush of water sweeps them over this water fall. they're going to start to go in just a moment here. there they go. the two manage to swim to safety while the other three drowned. there have been heavy, heavy rains and flooding in central india recently. legendary pitcher nolan ryan is
1:09 pm
in the hospital. the major league mall of famer was admitted in houston yesterday after falling nil his home. he has a recurring heart condition. he spent 27 years in the big leagues. holds the major league record for career strikeouts. and in san diego, some uninvited guests crashed a padres baseball game. you can figure out what those guests are. right in the middle of a game, a swarm of bees invades the stadium here. you can see bees everywhere. on the field, attacking some of the players you can see them swatting them about. the game had to be delayed until the bees decided to move on. now to ibd nies yeah where a volcano rumbled to life last week. two massive eruptions, of ash and debris. and now to 61-year-old udari mahame of colorado was
1:10 pm
arrested of groping a female tsa agent in phoenix. >> did it surprise you that somebody did that to the tsa? >> i don't know. i mean, nothing really surprises me, i guess. >> i was surprised it hasn't happened sooner. >> she was released from jail on friday, faces felony sexual abuse charges. now this. >> we think of ourselves as this sleepy little town like pleasantville. it's quite a shock. >> a freak accident inside this california mansion leads to a little boy's death, but within days of that, a woman is found hanging nude, tied up from the mansion's balcony. what really happened inside? what does this multimillionaire owner know? that's next. also more on our breaking news, the whistleblower in the news corp hacking scandal has been found dead in his home just
1:11 pm
hours before rupert murdoch is about to testify about the scandal threatening his entire media empire. live to london coming up. automotive performance is gone. and all we have left are fallen leaves and broken dreams. oh. wait a second. that is a dodge durango. looks like american performance is doing just fine. ♪ carry on. ♪
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responsibility. what's your policy? [ male announcer ] want to pump up your gas mileage? come to meineke for our free fuel-efficiency check and you'll money. my choice. my meineke. a sad and bizarre story in san diego. a man's young son is dead. his girlfriend is dead also. what actually happened at the ceo's mansion. here is 6-year-old max. max died in a san diego hospital just over this past weekend. now police say he fell down the stairs at the mansion in coronado last monday. max initially, critically injured. police chief says he wasn't breathing when paramedics arrived. so that's one layer.
1:14 pm
the next layer of the story is two days after max's apparent accident, the body of the ceo's girlfriend was found hanging by a rope from a second story at the mapgs, totally naked. 9 san diego county sheriff's department says her ankles and wrists were bound, but still no one is saying how they were bound. authorities say her death may have been a suicide. her body was found by the brother who lives on the property. the sheriff's department says they haven't found any connection between these two deaths. jonah shacknai is the founder and ceo of a pharmaceutical company. >> this could be a homicide or a suicide. they're not saying which way they might lean. they don't see this as an
1:15 pm
accident. they see this clearly as one or the other and they're treating both equally and they say they're looking at either possibility. >> how exactly was she found. what time of day was it? where was her boyfriend? >> she was found reportedly around 6:30 in the morning on wednesday by jonah shacknai's brother adam at the mansion. tt sheriff's department says they've been very cooperative so far. >> jonah shacknai is a guy who would pick up the phone and call his clients, like thousands of clients each and every year to wish them happy birthday. >> yeah. he's kind of an unusual figure in that industry in that he likes to maintain a personal touch with his customers, that
1:16 pm
help sell the products he pitches. he'll make something like 1,500 calls a year saying are you happy with the republic, happy birthday that kind of thing. >> what about folks in the neighborhood, did they report seeing anything? >> no, and it's not a tight knit neighborhood at all. it's extremely wealthy neighborhood. it's facing the ocean. a series of very gorgeous manors. the folks i talked to said they didn't have any clue there were any kinds of problems there at all. >> thank you. so far, no arrests, no words of suspects in this case. we are. >> going to keep watching this one for you.
1:17 pm
hugo chavez is resisting calls to hand over presidential powers. can he run the country during chemo treatment? but first, out of pakistan, several men, allegedly pakistani police are lined up and shot to death by taliban forces. we're going to show you some of the video and get the story behind it coming up next.
1:18 pm
1:19 pm
a couple of items here in "globe trekking." first, an extremely graphic video reportedly released by taliban militants who claimed they shot to death at least 16 men believed to be police officers. the video shows this brutal
1:20 pm
killing. let's get more from islamabad. . reza? >> this is a graphic look at how ugly pakistan's war against the taliban can get. some of you may find this very disturbing. if you want to turn away, this is a good time to do so. let's walk you through the video, it was released by the taliban, posted online. it shows at least 14 men lined up, all of them wearing traditional pakistani garb. all of them appear to have their hands tied behind them. in front of them, you see three armed men. one is scolding the men, accusing them of being enemies of islams. saying these executions are about to take place in revenge for six children allegedly executed by pakistani security for forces. this is something military officials here vehemently deny ever happened. once theled skoing is done, that's when you see and hear the
1:21 pm
gun fire. let's watch and listen. [ gun firing ] >> during the gun fire, you see the men lined up topple to the ground. we're not going to show you what happens next. one or two of the gunmen walk to the men who were just shot and shoot them again. sometimes in the head in an apparent effort to make sure that they're dead. pakistani military believes these men who were shot were policemen who were kidnapped during a cross border attack on june 1. on that day, militants crossed over from afghanistan and attacked a village on pakistani soil. they believe the gunmen were members of the pakistani taliban from the swat valley, a pakistani stronghold -- pakistani taliban strong hold until a military operation chased them away.
1:22 pm
we haven't been able to independently verify the identity of the gunmen or the taliban. the military insists this is a tactic that will not work. >> reza sayah, thank you very much. the president of venezuela back in cuba. it's not a matter of state, matter of health. hugo chavez has chose ton receive treatment for an undisclosed type of cancer. no word on how long he plans to be in cuba. and this is an enormous storm headed straight for japan. it is a typhoon that should make landfall tomorrow. workers are scrambling right now to protect the nuclear reactors damaged in the earthquake and tsunami back march. and the prime minister of italy on trial in milan on charges he had sex with an underage girl. the judge rejected all defense
1:23 pm
motions. the prime minister sylvio berlusconi faces separate charges on his media empire. back home, a race is on to reach a deal on america's credit limit. experts say if nothing gets done, it could have catastrophic, dire consequences on the economy and each and every one of us. but we're also now learning what happened behind closed doors between a secret meeting between the president and republican leaders. that's next. [ jerry ] i'm a grandfather, a retired teacher,
1:24 pm
and i count on social security. here's what i'm not... a pushover. right now, some in washington want to make a deal cutting the social security and medicare benefits we worked for. with billions in waste and loopholes, how could they look at us? maybe we seem like an easy target... until you realize... there are 50 million of us. [ female announcer ] tell the politicians: cut waste and loopholes, not our benefits.
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1:26 pm
>> let's get that cnn equals politics update for you and go to gloria borger with the latest news from the political ticker. gloria, before we talk debt deadline, i do want to issue you a congratulations, a little birdie tells me you have been nominated for an emmy. >> thank you. yes, we have. it's really great. we did a piece of ted olsen and davis boyes, the two lawyers from the opposite side of the
1:27 pm
political aisle who are doing the proposition 8 case in california, trying to overturn. so in this year of political bickering, it's kind of an interesting piece to do of a democrat and republican actually working together. >> that perfectly dovetails into the president, speaker boehner, house majority leader cantor. we heard the president walking out of the rose garden today, he said we're making progress. >> right. i don't know. it depends on how you define progress, right, brooke? and a boehner spokesman said, quote, the lines of communication are being kept open. so what does that mean? it means that they all want to be the adults. they're telling the american public they are still talking. they are making progress, but in truth, i think we're in a situation where we're still going to tread water for a while. it's going to seem like ground hog day every day until they actual
1:28 pm
actually get a deal which i believe they will do before august 2, but i'm a polyanna. >> as am i. as we hear the different negotiation, with we're also now hearing in the house about this cut, cap and balance. as in cutting taxes, capping future spending and pushing a balanced budget amendment. why now, gloria? why do this now? >> well, would you have to say there's a little bit of politics in that. >> if they're going to have to vote for raising the debt ceiling at some point, this is something they can vote for. now, the president said he would veto this because he believes it would unduly harm senior citizens and unduly harm those most in need of government funding.
1:29 pm
we know lots of things, but they actually want to get on the record voting for this. >> well, for all the non-pollyannas, if what they predict happens and the debt ceiling isn't ultimately raised and we default, who do we point fingers at? >> i think you can guess that one, right? it's absolutely at everybody. there was a new cbs poll out today, brooke. and the question was asked about disapproval of the handling of the debt negotiations. 48% dis approapprove of the way is doing it. and republicans in congress, 71%. democrats get off sort of okay. but as you can see, maybe if nothing else, maybe these numbers will convince them to do a deal because nobody comes out
1:30 pm
smelling like roses, nobody. >> and now to this, a shocking development in the scandal involving rupert murdoch's empire, just mere hours before he's scheduled to testify. the whistleblower in the whole case, he's been found dead. that story is unfolding right now. we're live in london next. check out the miles per gallon. the length of the power train warranty. and the horsepower. only ram delivers this kind of muscle. that'll thin out the herd real quick. guts. glory. ram. but afraid you can't afford it?
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1:33 pm
the whistleblower in the news corp hacking scandal is found dead. also borders is disappearing fast. find out what you need to know before you buy your next pair of shoes. time to play "reporter roulette." i want to begin with you on the developing story. it's the whistleblower, his name is sean hoe -- hoare.
1:34 pm
what more can you share about him and his death? >> he had some pretty exclusive allegations he was making. very well placed, of course, to know exactly what was going on inside that now defunct newspaper. he made the collusion first about a year ago. andy coulson, the former editor and former press secretary of the british prime minister david cameron, not just knew about the fact that phone tapping went on but approved of it and encouraged his journalists to undertake that in the pursuit of getting exclusives. he also gave that interview to the new york times saying the "news of the world" also had police technology called pinging. where they could find people through their mobile phone signals.
1:35 pm
he accused the police of doing that in exchange for cash. he's been found dead in his home in the southern part of the england. we would be remiss to talk abif talk about rupert murdoch. it's big office, the head of the one of the world's biggest media organizations. they're going to ask him what he knew, of course, ability the phone hacking scandal. how much he was aware that his executives were getting up to in their pursuit of exclusives in this way. and he's obviously going to be put on the spot a great deal by these parliamentarians to try to get the kind of answers that they're looking for and the country is looking for at this stage in a scandal that has really rocked the establishment. remember, in the course of the past 24 hours, two of the most senior police officers in brit dane, certainly the top two at the metropolitan police in london have resigned their posts
1:36 pm
because of how they were implicated and the allegations against them in this phone tapping scandal. >> what a stunning story you're covering there from your perch in london. thank you. just want to remind all of you, this testimony happens tomorrow morning. it starts right around 9:30 eastern time. cnn will be all over it. next here on "reporter roulette." alison kosik in new york. the clock, as we keep mentioning over and over opinion the deadline, august 2 on this debt deal, house republicans are going to be voting, though, tomorrow on this plan to balance the federal budget. how if at all would that will be affecting stocks. >> they've been pretty passe about it. but now they're getting nervous. you saw how the market did today. there was a selloff on the dow. there was a huge rush to buy gold. we're watching the vix that
1:37 pm
tracks fear and volatile ivolat. president obama says a deal has to be reached by this friday to get through congress in time. investors are taking notice as of today. >> so stocks being affected there. also affected, borders bookstore. they're having problems. i was just buying that book "the help." but i guess too many ereaders out there, huh? >> enjoy it while you can. reports are saying borders ha has announced it's closing another 399 stores. it's going to take a financial miracle to keep this company afloat. a bidding deadline passed tomorrow with no offers. you hit the nail right on the head there. it's been a tough time competing for borders against barnes & noble and as consumers go digital. borders was late to the game. ever hear of nakobo? >> no. >> exactly, that's the problem.
1:38 pm
amazon came out with its kindle. barnes & noble came out with its nook. board we ares was late to the game and it was hard for them to make back what they lost. you know, one analyst puts it this way. he says it's going to be a sad day in book publishing history when borders goes away. it really is sad. i just love going there and thumbing through the books. no more of that. at least not at borders. >> alison kosik, thank you very much. next, elizabeth cohen with what you need to know before you buy those shoes, the special toning shoes. have you heard of these? they supposedly help you get in shape. elizabeth? >> i bet you've seen the ads for these. these sneakers that have a rounded bottom and the people who make them claim they help tone your muscles, they're generally a better workout than the plain old flat bottom sneakers. but lots of researchers are saying that is misleading.
1:39 pm
they say you don't get a better workout with these sneakers. the flat bomts ottom ones are js good. there's simply no evidence to support the climb claims that these shoes will help wearers exercise more intensely, burn more calories and improve muscle strength and tone. as you might imagine, the folks who make these round-bottom sneakers say they have several studies showing they're better than the flat bottomed sneakers and they had loads of testimonials from customers. if you feel you're getting a better workout, that's fine. go ahead and buy them. but they're not any better than the flat-bottomed sneaker. the trick is, just move. brooke? >> i hate to ask you what my high heels are doing for me. thank you very much. that's your "reporter roulette" for this monday. casey anthony, you know the story. she's vanished after walking out of jail. but how realistic is it to think
1:40 pm
squun, i.e. casey anthony here, can just disappear. you're about to find out. also, apparently another jury is taking up her case. yes, a judge set up a retrial. you've got to hear this one. sunny hostin is on the case. that's next. hey ! chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ? chocolate ! chocolate it is ! yeah, but i'm new, too. umm... he's new... er... than you. even kids know it's wrong to treat new friends better than old friends. at ally bank, we treat all our customers fairly, with no teaser rates and no minimum deposit to open. it's just the right thing to do.
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see how affordable an rv vacation can be. visit and watch a free video. go affordably. go rving. when a court did a retrial,
1:43 pm
let's listen. >> i felt like if she didn't murder her child in her own hand, she played a part. she's guilty by association. >> we really don't now. only she knows if she do know and god knows. >> we just couldn't get over that. so we had to share that. people are still so much so, you know, infatuated with, talking about, dissecting this story, right? quickly, what's your reaction to that. >> you know, i'm just -- i'm not surprised that this jury came up with a different result, because that's what's happening all over the country. a lot of people are talking about this case, brooke, and i think people are on both sides. some people agree with this verdict. they think wow, that could have happened if i was on the jury and others say of course not, she was guilty and i would have voted to convict. so i think it's really representative of what's going on in the country. >> her attorneys aren't saying
1:44 pm
much about where she is. she said she's safe and elaborate plans were made to protect her from people with a lynch mob mentality. she's going to the to start over somewhere, but is that even possible in this day and age with, you know, cell phones and cameras and all that, you know, capacity. can you just disappear? >> and that's the question on everyone's minds, right? can you perform one of those disappearing acts in today's age. i spent the weekend talking to a lot of people in law enforcement, former prosecutors like myself. many people have told me there are about a million fugitives all over the country hiding. so it's certainly possible to hide, but i will tell you this, i've been told the best way to do it, sever all ties from
1:45 pm
everyone and everything in your past. casey anthony has done that. she hasn't visited her parents, haven't spoken to them. another key ingredient a lot of my sources talked to me about is money. you need money. if you have a lot of it, you can hide for a pretty long time. how much money does casey anthony have. she left the jail with about $500. that's why i think so many people are saying we're going to see a book come from her, a fell vision interview, a paid television interview. and i think even then, people are telling me she can still hide. is it possible to hide? i think so. >> maybe she'll become a blond casey anthony. who knows how one could change their appearance to disappear. how many did this cost the
1:46 pm
taxpayers? >> the cost of justice, right? we're finding out the cost of the trial is being financed by four different agencies, brooke. the state attorney, the justice administrative commission, the sheriff's office, and court administration. we've confirmed that the prosecution's costs add up to $91,000. that does not include the salaries and the investigation cost. my understanding is the investigative costs could have been hundreds of thousands of dollars. the big ticket item, the cost of transporting, feeding and housing the jurors. get this, $182,184.48. that was the big ticket item, the jurors. >> that's what happens when you have to pluck men and women from an entirely different city to try to get an undiced look at this woman. >> and keep them housed and fed and happy. >> sunny hostin, thank you so much. and maybe you were watching this
1:47 pm
match yesterday. i was coming back from vacation in the plane. you heard how the women's u.s. soccer team lost the world cup and the nail biting final moments, but here's what you may not have heard. how one of the japanese players raced to save her country during the devastating earthquake just months ago. and transfer between accounts, so your money can move as fast as you do. check out your portfolio, track the market with live updates. and execute trades anywhere and anytime the inspiration hits you. even deposit checks right from your phone. just take a picture, hit deposit and you're done. open an account today and put schwab mobile to work for you. just don't feel like they used to. are you one of them? remember when you had more energy for 18 holes with your buddies. more passion for the one ya love. more fun with your family and friends.
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>> you might have watched, might have been biting your nails over this one. japan beat the u.s. in the women's world cup just yesterday. it was an amazing victory for a country that's gone through so much this year.
1:50 pm
>> from the urban sports bars of tokyo, to the gymnasiums of rural japan, the sound, the same. jubilation. a team of underdogs against a team they lost to 25 times. more than a sports teams they carry the prayers and hopes of after badly damaged nation, moved to tears as they watched. i think we witnessed something historic says this fan. i was so moved. hours after that incredible win, the game is being replayed across tokyo. an entire country desperately in need of some good moments and some heros. four months after the tsunami, japan continues to suffer from
1:51 pm
the disaster. japan's economy has struggled in the wake of the epic disaster. the lawmakers, locked in partisan bickering and trying to oust the prime minister. while in the tsunami zone, years of rebuilding ahead. >> this game happened at the right time for us, says this tsunami victim. this victory gives us the strength to keep going. the morning papers for once blared upbeat news, snatched up by eager readers. there's. >> been so much bad news from japan, this is good news and encourages us. they're already being called the comeback kids, but to their home nation they're a potent symbol, a reminder to never give up. cnn, tokyo.
1:52 pm
>> what a match. >> i know we're supposed to talk about what you have on the sit room. >> you just said you were -- somebody had to win. you hoped the united states would win, but if somebody had to win, it was japan, given what they've gone through, that was a very nice tweet. >> i was hoping usa would win, those women were amazing. but i congratulated japan as soon as they won. it was a great game. if you liked soccer -- i was never a huge soccer fan, but increasingly i've come around to enjoy it. it was really, really exciting. i thought the american women had it. so many opportunities in the first 10, 15 minutes. >> it was the very end. the very end. >> yeah, so my heart goes out to all those young ladies. but, you know what, that's part of life, what can you say. >> sounds like there's a quick media availability to talk to some of the usa gals right around your show time tomorrow.
1:53 pm
>> i think hope solo belongs in the situation room. soccer aside, mr. blitzer -- >> let me tell you who's going to be in "the situation room today. elizabeth warren head of the agency that someone was nominated. the republicans don't like this agency. they think it's way, way too powerful. then we have a really good debate between a very liberal democrat, conservative republican, key members of the house on what to do about this debt ceiling. i think there's going to be movement this week. finally, i don't know if you go to the room blog, do you ever go there.
1:54 pm
brooke? are you paying attention. >> my microphone was not open. i was asking you, do you ever go to my blog. >> i do. do you ever go to mine? >> of course. so let me tell you, go to the blog today. i've got a really good little bog about the $33 billion in libyan assets that the united states government has frozen now that the u.s. has recognized the rebels as the governing authority of libya. they'll by arms, they'll buy spare parts, whatever they want. the u.s. taxpayer already expects about a billion dollars helping to liberate the libyans from gadhafi. should we deduct/1 billion from the $33 billion before we hand over those frozen assets to the libyans because we helped them liberate their country. what do you think?
1:55 pm
meantime, this is one of the stories wolf just mentioned here. the president picks elizabeth warren to pick this agency to help consumers. we're getting more on an attempted robbery on a congressman's home. he was home, so was his grandson. [ female announcer ] it's a pad like no other. always infinity. while most pads contain fluff, always infinity is made with a revolutionary material,
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infinicel, that forms to your body and absorbs up to 60% more than kotex regular ultra thin. always infinity. handle more than 165 billion letters and packages a year. that's about 34 million pounds of mail every day. ever wonder what this costs you as a taxpayer? millions? tens of millions? hundreds of millions? not a single cent. the united states postal service doesn't run on your tax dollars. it's funded solely by stamps and postage. brought to you by the men and women of the american postal worker's union.
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1:58 pm
joe johns is here with the "political pop." >> the president's nominee is getting his first but hopefully not his last mention on political pop. he's known to many as a former ohio attorney general. but in spite of that, this guy on paper at least is a somewhat colorful character. in fact, if you think you've heard his name, maybe it's because you like to watch tv game shows. he's a five-time champion on "jeopardy." check out what the president said about him. >> last but not least, back in the '80s, richard was also a five-time "jeopardy" champion and a semifinalist in the tournament of champions. not too shabby. that's why all his answers at his confirmations will be in the form of a question.
1:59 pm
that's a joke. >> thank for clarifying, mr. president. >> well, smart guy at capitol hill. >> smart guy, "jeopardy" champion, but at the same time, the president is getting slammed for not choosing elizabeth warren for the job. . >> right, right. this is a person who's seen as a lightning rod because there are a lot of people on the right who think they got burned as having her as the overseer of the troubleds a let relief fund, but there are some democrats who really love her. but at the end of the day, the president said i'll probably not be able to get this person through without a fight. that's the bottom line. election year politics. >> less than a minute, tell me about this congresswoman in iowa who faced down an armed intruder at home. >> it's a fascinating story. the


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